November 8, 2022 Marc

10,000 motorcyclists converge on the University of Buenos Aires Law Dept in order to focus on armed gangs who target bikes and steal them at gunpoint. We hope the authorities will notice and take action against the criminals who steal and murder with apparent impunity on motorways in Buenos Aires province.

July 20, 2021 Marc

  I’ve been at this courier work for about three years now, but it’s only since last year that things have really picked up – so much so that there’s rarely a day when I’m not on the bike. The furthest so far has been La Plata and back, which is about 150kms. Most days it’s 30kms around the city or some days, Bella Vista, Retiro, Don Torcuato. 30kms in and around the city feels like 150kms to La Plata and back, especially if you don’t get the green wave of traffic lights.       My main enemies are:…