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From April 2 2012


Which if you don’t know by now is the 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands.
Or as the Argentines would have it; the 30th anniversary of their ‘legitimate’ retaking of their territory from the English pirates. (Note, that anyone who is from UK is simply English)
The propaganda machine has now gone into full swing in Buenos Aires, with the President fomenting ‘Malvinas’ emotion with every sinew of her body.
Malvinas Day was first introduced in 2001.
It replaced the June 10th “Sovereignty over Malvinas Islands” Day, which until then had commemorated the appointment of Luis Vernet as governor of the Islands by Buenos Aires in 1832. ( He didn’t last long, having seized three American ships).
It was in fact an illegal appointment, but opinions vary.
The USS Lexington took revenge and raided the islands in 1831 and a British Task Force finally took control of the islands in 1833. The Falklands have been British ever since.
Vernet was a businessman, not a politician.
Now this day is a purely political occasion in order to avert attention from the socio economic disaster that is unfolding in this country.
Most imports have been shut down or held in customs, resulting in cancer patients dying through lack of essential drugs, businesses going bust due to lack of spare parts and schools suffering due a lack of books. And it goes on and on…..
How will I be doing on Monday?
Celebrating ‘Losers Day’.
We all need a cause and believe me when I say that I understand their claim; but it’s a false claim.
History tells us that.

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